Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Kyson's pregnancy

Kyson's pregnancy started out much like my other 2, I have never had morning sickness or anything like that. For the most part, the beginning of my pregnancies have all been easy, and aside from the exhaustion this time was no different. The only main difference I noticed at first was just how tired I was because I was a mom this time around as well as being pregnant. So I didn't get to sleep and not do anything any time I wanted :) And then of course as I hit the second trimester and start getting bigger it's just really uncomfortable and tiring and I get the absolute worst heart burn! All 3 pregnancies I've had the worst heartburn - I live on zantac and tums and anything else that helps - it's awful. Kyson's pregnancy like Jaxson's was mostly in my back. I get back pain and back contractions and back labor. That is definitely not comfortable. And I found out this time that it is definitely true what they say - it gets harder every time. Hopefully it won't be as true next time ;) But, I (we) made it through and got a little slice of heaven out of it :)

I didn't do the best job of taking pictures, but I did take more than I did with Jaxson's :) So maybe next time I'll do even better!

17 weeks
29 weeks
39 weeks

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Baby number 2!

After 2 long years of trying I found out that I was pregnant on May 7, 3 days before James' birthday. I obviously could not wait to tell him, so I ran to the store to get the most generic onesie I could find and when James got home from work I told him he could have one of his birthday presents early. I wrapped a onesie, a card signed from Jaxson and baby, and then the positive tests and let him unwrap them. If you know James, you can tell he pretty much knows after he sees the onesie - he doesn't give much of a reaction until the end and it's pretty much just shock. Mainly because the month before we talked about how we were taking a break from trying and just weren't going to worry about it, a lo and behold we got pregnant (isn't that how it works though) and sidenote: the HSG procedure I had done in February seemed to be the reason I got pregnant which we are so so grateful for. Anyways, James doesn't ever show much emotion but I love this video and knowing him as well as I do I can definitely see him reacting and being happy and shocked all throughout
We are beyond ecstatic and can't wait to have this little babe join our family!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

San Diego trip Day 1

James and I have gone on a cruise for the last 2 years but we decided this year that we wanted to take a family vacation and bring Jaxson with us. After doing a little research we (I) decided that San Diego and Seaworld would be really fun for our little family. And I am so glad because it was so much fun and Jaxson was absolutely amazing and loved every minute of it. **disclaimer for all the coming posts - massive picture and video overload! You have been warned

Our flight out Sunday night was delayed an hour which sucked, but we ended up only landing about 25 minutes later than scheduled so that wasn't too bad. We had a two hour drive from Long Beach to San Diego (because plane tickets were $200 cheaper) and Jaxson unfortunately threw up. We were blessed to see a rest stop right after though, and he only got it on himself and not the rental car, so we were definitely grateful for that. We got to our hotel room at 11pm which was midnight in Utah, but Jaxson was a freaking trooper. He slept about the last half hour of the drive and then was so good while we got into our room and stuff and we all went right to sleep.

 Jaxson is so obsessed with this monkey suitcase that we got him. He pulled it through every airport the whole time and absolutely loved it. We got so many comments on how adorable it was :)

 Getting ready for take off

He was a rockstar the entire flight, just watched shows on his Ipad

Conked out boys :) James was kind enough to sleep with Jax every night and let me have the other bed to myself. He loves me

We had already planned on taking Monday pretty easy because we knew we'd be tired from the night before and had a pretty busy week planned. So we woke up and went to a little diner right next to the hotel and had a nice big breakfast. Then we went to walmart to get some snacks and breakfast things for the week to save some money, got some lunch and came back and took a nice 3 hour family nap which was awesome.

We got up and got ready and then went to go see the temple and walk around the grounds. I've been to this temple before but James hadn't and was pretty impressed with it, but who wouldn't be. Jaxson kept going back and forth between calling it a temple and a castle :) It was a Monday so there was no one there and we just got to walk around the grounds and take pictures and just take it all in.

Our next stop was Sprinkles which I had looked forward to since... forever. They did not disappoint. I certainly wouldn't get one very often if I had the chance, but they were quite scrumptious. And it just so happened that we had a gorgeous view of the temple while we enjoyed our treat.


 Extremely unflattering picture, but one of the only ones of Jax and I

Next, we went down to La Jolla Cove. I had been before, but the area that I knew of had no parking and was just insanely crowded. So we ended up further up the coast than I wanted, but I'm so glad we did because we happened on a huge colony of seals and sea lions that we could've touched we were so close. It was awesome and amazingly gorgeous as we were there right at sunset.

We grabbed some dinner and went back to the hotel and all crashed yet again. We all got really good sleep this whole week :)

I don't know if you can tell how close they were from this, but it was awesome

Thursday, March 21, 2013

My boy is 2!

Jaxson's birthday celebrations started out the Saturday before his birthday. We had a little get together at mom and dad's since they were leaving to go out of town for the next couple weeks. I decided to try my hand at fondant because the cakes you can make are so stinking cute. Jaxson is beyond obsessed with the show Team Umizoomi right now. He will literally throw a fit if a different kids show comes on. So I decided to make Geo from the show for his cake. I couldn't have done it without a ton of help from Carrie, and I am so happy with how it turned out. It is soooooo cute! Jaxson could care less of course, but I loved it. And it was good practice for when he does care and I'll be able to make him something awesome :)

Geo cake

opening presents from grandma and grandpa

he is not a fan of pictures right now, and he HATED the candle being lit

playing with his presents

The next day (Sunday) we had a little party with James' family. I just made cupcakes and cookies for this one.

he absolutely hates attention, this is his face while we were singing to him

but then he gets to eat the cupcake and he's happy

opening presents

This present was by far his favorite. It's from his aunt and uncle and grandpa. He rides it daily at home, and it is so stinking cute

On his actual birthday, Wednesday Feb. 20, daddy took the day off work so we could spend the day together.

This is what happens when I try to get a picture of him in his birthday shirt

We started the day off at Kangaroo Zoo which he LOVED

And then we went to the Aquarium since it's less than a mile away and we have an annual pass

Then we came home and took a nice nap as a family and then we let him open his presents. (We are well aware that this boy is very spoiled, but that's what happens when you're an only child, right?)

He had some very anxious and willing helpers :)

Here he is pushing the cupcake away because the candle is lit and we are singing to him and that makes him very unhappy

and crying for the reasons above

but everything is all better when we stop and he just gets to eat it

We are so grateful for the 2 amazing, incredible, wonderful years we've been blessed with and can't wait for many more to come! Love you forever, Jaxson!